Bring Some Ancient Wisdom to Your Interior Design

Bring Some Ancient Wisdom to Your Interior Design

Egyptian crystal is among some of the most beautiful in the world. It has a long history too, with many varieties being used thousands of years ago for much more than adornment alone. The Ancient Egyptians used crystals right through their lives as they believed in their healing properties. Today, as we gaze in awe at the stunning chandelier lights made from finest Egyptian crystal, we can understand that spiritually those crystals held great significance for ancient peoples.

Some crystals were used solely by spiritual leaders as the stones were considered to be closely linked to the gods of Ancient Egypt. Many other crystals were used by everyone as part of their daily lives for reasons such as luck, increased fertility and the protection against evil spirits. It is said that the Egyptians were the first to wear crystals and amulets as jewellery like we do today.

Here are some different crystals and how the Egyptians used them:
Amethyst – There was considered a strong connection to bravery and valour for the Egyptians with amethyst. Soldiers would wear it into battle to prevent them from losing courage.

Amber – Many wore amulets of amber as they believed it would enhance their fertility.

Azurite – This crystal was considered one of the most sacred and as such was only worn by priests. It was used to uncover the will of the gods.

Bloodstone – Another carried by soldiers as it was thought to help stem blood flow.

Carnelian – This crystal was believed to aid the soul in its journey to the afterlife.

Emerald – Considered a regal crystal and a gift from the god of wisdom, Thoth. Egyptian legend holds that all the secrets of alchemy and magic lay in the Emerald Tablet.

Lapis Lazuli – Known as ‘sapphire’ to the Ancient Egyptians, it was considered the most precious of all crystals. It signified the heavens and was strongly linked to the goddess Isis, who represented all knowledge and magic. Such was its importance that is was used to create part of the famous death mask of King Tutankhamun.

Malachite – This substance was used to make the colour green in Egyptian works of art. Green was the colour of all living things and growth. It was a very important colour to the pharaohs, who often painted their headdresses with malachite in the hope of gaining great wisdom.

Tigers Eye – Amulets made from Tigers Eye were used to receive the power of the sun god, Ra. The amulets were thought to contain all the power of the sun and earth.

Topaz – Another stone considered important to royalty. Gold topaz especially was only found in particular locations and was believed to be only visible during darkness when it shone like a beacon.

As we can see, Egypt has a long history of revering and using crystal for many different reasons. Today one of the most world-renowned producer of crystal in Egypt is the Asfour company. They produce both clear and coloured crystal for use in lighting, jewellery, accessories, chandeliers and figurines. They export to more than 50 countries and are the world’s largest manufacturer of crystal.

The company was founded in 1961 in Cairo, employing 200 craftsmen and using basic tools. Now they have 5 factories and employ thousands of staff including highly skilled craftsmen and women.

By choosing to have Asfour crystal in your chandelier or bespoke lighting, you’ll benefit from the world-renowned durability and incredible shine that comes from each individual droplet. The gloss and glisten of the glass is not affected by temperature, humidity or direct sunlight. The crystal is guaranteed to never lose colour, never lose its reflective rainbow spectrum and retain its sheen for a lifetime. There will also be no bubbles, blurs or streaks in any of the pieces.

Perhaps the Ancient Egyptians could teach us a thing or two about the benefits of bringing crystal into our homes. They believed that crystal offered great healing power, acted as protective talismans and could even ward off nightmares. They also believed they could boost vitality and provide the owner with greater physic potential. Having a beautiful chandelier in your home will not only look fantastic but could be good for your health too!

Incorporating gold into your designs is also beneficial. So, it’s not a crystal but it was also considered to have great healing properties by the Egyptians. As the life force of the sun god, Ra, pharaohs would wear gold as a symbol of wealth, vitality and a peaceful passing to the afterlife. Egyptian tombs are adorned with the metal, as are the countless artefacts, funeral masks and jewellery of the era. The amazing healing properties of gold are said to include an increase in well-being and happiness.