Places You Might Not Think You Could Hang A Chandelier

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Places You Might Not Think You Could Hang A Chandelier

There are some places that you just wouldn’t imagine hanging a chandelier. When you hear the word, it conjures up images of French palaces and huge ballrooms, but probably not your bathroom! You might be surprised however, as we look at the myriad of possibilities when it comes to chandelier placement.

So, you’re looking for a statement lighting fixture but don’t want to install something that seems over-powering or that will dominate a space? It is important to understand that in some spaces, a chandelier just wouldn’t look right. To maximise the impact and flow of the design, you want to locate your chandelier in the best possible place. Traditionally, this has most likely been the dining room, living room, entryway or staircase. These are great places to hang statement lighting but they’re not the only place.

What about the bedroom?

Most of us would think twice about installing such a sizable lighting fitting above our beds. Not only would it possibly look too encroaching, but we tend to save our showcase pieces of furniture for areas with higher traffic. However, there is no reason why a smaller crystal chandelier wouldn’t look amazing in a bedroom space. It can add a real touch of luxury, romance and splendour that makes you feel like royalty. If you don’t fancy having something hanging down over the bed, then you could also consider the elegance of bespoke designer wall lights to bring a touch of glamour to your bedroom. Dimmable lights also create the perfect atmosphere for relaxing and unwinding.

Contemporary Chandeliers

How about outside?

You probably think this suggestion is a bit bonkers. How could you possibly hang a chandelier outside? Surely it would get damaged by the elements? Modern techniques and materials do sometimes mean that chandeliers can be specially designed for outdoor use. If you have a special terrace, patio or conservatory area, then such a light fitting can transform the atmosphere and appearance of the space. Perhaps you love the idea of the crystal reflecting the sunlight but don’t want it mains powered? Choosing a bespoke design will open up many more options than you thought were possible.

In the Bathroom

Depending on the height of your ceiling, a chandelier can be the perfect addition in creating a luxurious 5-star hotel-style bathroom suite. Imagine the bliss of relaxing in a free-standing tub whilst gazing at the lights dancing off the crystals suspended above. Safety measures do dictate that any hanging lighting fixture should not be suspended directly over a bath tub or shower. Even smaller bathrooms don’t have to be ignored as statement lighting is available in all shapes and sizes. This is why choosing a bespoke chandelier makes great sense as you can fit your design to your space.

For the Kitchen

For larger kitchens, a chandelier looks fantastic when set above an island counter for example. It can transform the room into an interesting and elegant space. Kitchens do need to be functional, but there is no reason why they cannot be treated to a focal light fitting that will ‘wow’. In a kitchen where lots of cooking takes place, the ideal place is away from stoves and ovens or the lighting will attract grease and dirt particles. A low maintenance and possibly less intricate chandelier is ideal for this kind of high-traffic room. You’re looking for easily accessible and easy clean but this by no means results in having to settle for dull.

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What about the study or home-office?

Less-used rooms are often overlooked in terms of lighting, but a chandelier is a gorgeous addition to a space where you might have a reading nook, a small library or a home office. You may require task lighting for a reading area, but this can be achieved by adding a reading light close to a chair or desk and doesn’t exclude the opportunity of having a chandelier at all. A small bespoke chandelier will add a touch of charm, cosiness and timeless elegance to an area like this and will most likely encourage you to use this space more than you did before.

Even in places of work?

Yes, even an office or retail environment can benefit from the beauty of such lighting. While it is true that office spaces need focused task lighting in order to illuminate workstations properly, this tends to give off a clinical, artificial and often uncomfortable level of lighting for eyes that are also glued to computer screens. Installing a chandelier adds a layer of welcoming warmth, it softens the space around it and turns a bland environment into an elegant and comforting one. It can also have much more positive effects on clients, customers and associates which can only be a good thing when it comes to business.