Reasons To Have a Chandelier in Your Kitchen

Reasons To Have a Chandelier in Your Kitchen

When you hear the word ‘chandelier’, you probably picture a colossal creation, dripping with crystals and hanging in a grand opera house somewhere. You probably don’t immediately picture one in your kitchen! Well, here are some fantastic reasons why you should keep an open mind about both traditional and contemporary chandeliers for sale, and where they can be placed:

Kitchens used to be all about function and while they do still have an important function to serve, these days there is no reason not to introduce a touch of stylish designer ambience. Chandeliers are no longer the preserve of the dining room but are being used to create wonderful attention-grabbing centrepieces in kitchens too. A glittering chandelier can compliment a muted colour palette, offering some ‘wow’ factor and drawing the eye to the centre of the room.

Another benefit of using such a light fitting in a kitchen is that it’s a playful mixture of textures, mixing soft and hard together. Kitchen countertops, flooring and cupboards can feel quite hard and solid, but the introduction of a chandelier softens the appearance and adds an elegant sophistication.

Contemporary Chandeliers

An elaborate traditional or contemporary chandelier can also help to emphasise a theme or style in your kitchen. If you have an ultra-modern kitchen, why not think about a lighting fixture that oozes contemporary, artistic chic? To emphasise a country kitchen style, you could choose an antique style more in keeping with a farmhouse ambience. Many homeowners of period properties want to add unique and exciting fixtures but are also keen to replicate the vintage feel of the original house. Chandeliers are the ideal things to retain tradition yet add some 21st century flair.

Large kitchens can also benefit from a statement lighting feature, particularly rooms with a high ceiling or a centre island. A tiered design will fill an empty space perfectly, providing a focal point which will ground the room much better. Balance is important in interior design and a chandelier as a central focal point can improve that balance.

A beautiful hanging light also gives a room a little bit of the unexpected. Most people don’t expect to find such a fitting in a kitchen atmosphere, so if you’re looking to ‘wow’ your guests, then this is the perfect way to make your room stand out. A lovely surprise and a glittering piece of art all rolled into one sitting right there in all its glory in your kitchen!

The kitchen must be a utilitarian space, where materials are chosen for their durability and strength. The lighting you choose is the one area where you can be more creative and have some fun. A chandelier can also offer a contrast to an existing theme and doesn’t always have to blend in with what’s already there. Why not get a little daring and consider an ornate regency-style piece above a modern and minimalist kitchen for example? The only limit is your imagination. Be the one to have a kitchen that everyone is talking about!