Record-Breaking Chandeliers

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Record-Breaking Chandeliers

The magnificence and glamour of chandeliers is something that inspires people the whole world over. The beautiful light fittings have even made several entries into the Guinness Book of World Records. Here are some of the record-setting chandeliers that have wowed and inspired awe across the world:

The World’s Largest Outdoor Chandelier

In Playhouse Square, Cleveland Ohio, the largest outdoor chandelier was constructed on 30th April 2014. It stands at 20 feet tall with a diameter of 17 feet and is on permanent display in the city. The colossal light weighs 6000 lbs and needs to be supported by a three-armed steel structure. The display contains 68 LED light bulbs and 4,200 crystals!

The World’s Largest Indoor Chandelier

This honour goes to the installation called ‘Reflective Flow’ which is located in Doha, Qatar. The chandelier is suspended between two office buildings in a glass atrium and weighs an incredible 20 tonnes! The impressive fixture contains 55,000 LED lights that change colour and almost 2,500 optical crystals. It hangs in a snake-like manner, traversing the gap between the two office complexes and took nearly 2 years to complete. This stunning installation holds another world record for the largest interactive LED light sculpture in the world.

The Largest Floral Chandelier

This record was set in Singapore and used 60,000 flowers instead of lights. Who said a chandelier had to light up? The floral creation was the result of hard work by students, volunteers, gardeners and park staff. The beautiful piece was used to kick start the activities and celebrations of the Singapore Garden Festival back in April 2016. Floral designs can be seen below created by chandeliers London designer Rocco Borghese.

India’s Biggest Bottle Chandelier

A bar in Bangalore can boast holding the title of world-record for the largest chandelier made from bottles in India. The visually stunning green centrepiece consists of almost 1,500 wine bottles and took 23 days to construct. It is 27 feet in length and 13 feet wide, providing the most incredible focal point in the restaurant when lit up both day and night.

The World’s Largest Pendant Light

Last year, the Guinness Book of World Records confirmed that the pendant hanging in a London bank was the biggest in the world of its type. It is a whopping 12m wide and contains 15,000 LED lights. It emanates an impressive 390,000 lumens for only 2.7kW of power. The pendant weighs nearly two tonnes and has a sister ring of 5.8m diameter with 3,000 LEDs to complete its look. A scaffolding tower was needed to mount the fixture, which also needed to be diamond drilled for some serious heavy-duty fixing.

The second Biggest Chandelier in the World

While you might not think that second place deserves a mention, this chandelier was possibly the world’s biggest until it was beaten by ‘Reflective Flow’. This colossal fixture hangs in the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque in Oman. It weighs a jaw-dropping 8.5 tonnes and hangs at 14m below the ornate domed ceiling. It features Swarovski crystals, gold-plated metal and 1122 halogen bulbs. It is so big that maintenance is carried out via stairs and platforms actually inside the chandelier!