What Style of Chandelier Suits You?

Traditional Chandeliers

What Style of Chandelier Suits You?

Choosing the right style of chandelier for your home is a big decision. It’s a light fitting that will make a big impact and statement about your décor and style. Whether you want to add vintage glamour or a contemporary twist on a classic, there are various different attention-grabbing styles to consider. Chandeliers have been lighting up ceilings for centuries, fascinating, inspiring and bewitching beholders with their intricate beauty and reflective qualities. Here are some of the styles that are the most popular:

Crystal Chandeliers

These are the most common variety and probably the style that pop’s into your mind when you think about chandeliers. Historically, these are the fittings that were hung in great palaces, halls and ballrooms across the world, glittering with elegance, opulence and luxurious grandeur. They have been in vogue since the 1700s and original pieces are still on show today. Crystal will always be a popular choice for the stunning light refraction caused by the crystals, creating a truly beautiful atmosphere that lights up an entire room. Crystals can be used from all over the world with the most expensive being Swarovski, but you can also find chandeliers made with crystals from Turkey and Italy.

Drum Chandeliers

This shape tends to lend itself to a more contemporary design. They are often found hanging in private homes or smart office buildings. They offer a more focused light than traditional chandeliers so are popular in smaller spaces such as bedrooms and dining areas. Whilst a crystal chandelier will bounce the light around as it glints off the droplets, a drum chandelier allows for light to fall exactly where you direct it. The style can come in layers of decreasing size and constructed from crystal, glass or fabric.

Murano Chandeliers

Murano glass is world-renowned for its beauty and quality, originating from the small island of Murano by Venice, Italy. The name Murano used to only apply to glass produced by expert glass-blowers in the area but now refers to all blown glass chandeliers that come in a range of colourful and curvy shapes. These light fittings are incredibly elegant and offer something different from the traditional appearance. The colours and shapes lend themselves to experimentation with many designers producing contemporary and unusual designs for their Italian chandelier. Floral designs work well with Murano glass and offer a softer, less formal feel than perhaps a crystal chandelier might.

Traditional Chandeliers

Arts and Crafts Style Chandeliers

These lights have a distinctive and romantic design and fit well in a vintage or country style décor, adding real elegance and rustic charm. The main body consists of a metal mount with small lampshades attached to each arm. It is quite a prominent style so if you desire this kind of design, make sure it fits well with the rest of your décor. If you’ve fallen in love with this particular style, you could commission a bespoke designer to incorporate the feel into your design. This style of lighting works well in bedrooms as it offers a shaded, muted light better for relaxation. Depending on the angle and thickness of any shade, you can adjust the lighting for soft, medium or hard effect.

Shell and Bead Chandeliers

If you’re aiming for something more blended, natural and slightly less ostentatious, then a chandelier made from shells or beads might be the perfect choice for you. They tend to be smaller, lighter and are a great option for a more upbeat, contemporary décor. The shells commonly used are Capiz shells which offer a beautiful pearly sheen to catch the light. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance light, these are a good pick as they are easier to clean than crystal.

Candle Chandeliers

For those seeking a gothic, elegant and traditional vibe, a chandelier holding candles is the ultimate in fairy-tale luxury. They have never lost their appeal, popularity or grandeur despite being a lighting choice for many centuries. For pure rustic charm, you can’t go wrong and of course, modern chandeliers won’t have the inconvenience of replacing wax candles or fire risks as they use faux candle lights instead. Candles can be made to have a flickering romantic feel, just like real candle light. This style of candelabra will surely make an impressive statement when placed in an entrance hall, foyer or dining room.