Via di Settebagni, 376, Rome, Italy

Of all our high end lighting projects this was one of our most ambitious. A unique and luxurious realisation of classical and artistic pieces. We were given specifics to work with by the clients Architects, we worked together with the clients’ designers. One of the most difficult aspects of producing almost Mother Nature looking pieces was to go back to the drawing board and measure lighting hues, kelvins, reflection with glass, weight ratios versus lightweight frame.

[Images by Rocco Borghese © Intellectual Reserve inc.]

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  • church-of-jesus-christ-of-latter-day-saint
  • church-of-jesus-christ-of-latter-day-saint

How we did it

The balance had to be calibrated so precisely that anything above and beyond would be too obvious, lighting hotspots were no longer visible.  We did lots of research and mock-ups to balance the right sort of crystal which ended up being 3 layers of Swarovski Strass Crystal and a combination of 24ct gold leafing for all external hardware elements.

The result of which now speaks for itself, a long journey to achieve unblemished pieces of art that to me feel like they have been born by some natural bio non mechanical creation.


With the main lighting package being installed, which consisted of huge pieces including a number of features for other key areas within the temple, the client returned to us, and wanted us to produce package number 1 as well as they were not happy with their other suppliers, in the space of only 13 weeks we managed to produce 172 chandeliers, all with handmade glass leaves, it’s was another challenge that we undertook and completed to clients satisfaction, so much so that we were given a commendation by the clients architects.

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Berkeley Square, London, UK

We were approached by the client’s architects for this high end lighting project in London. The initial meeting on site was for a brief of what was required. This challenge was exciting but also loaded with technical issues. We were appointed as the main glass feature suppliers for this high-end project because we were able to create bespoke glass features & lighting to complement the club’s decor.

How we did it

Many other areas within the project were also quite a challenge, we even built a glass canopy for over the bar area in the glass room. Both the Ladies and men’s vanity’s required mirrors, very lush and appropriate. The ladies vanity consisted of roses and leaves all in handblown hues of pink and fuschia, with light olive green leaves, all discreetly lit from within the detailed installation.


Time was of the essence in producing large upstanding glass palm trees, all lit from within, there were 26 trees at least half of these were free-standing, all their leaves were formed on hand-blown glass in hues of champagne.

We are proud to have been part of a high end lighting project that is a clear indication of how our architectural can tackle even the most demanding projects.

Photography by James McDonald Photography

Mirror & Lighting design by Rocco Borghese

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