Artistic Chandeliers

We are proud to show you our latest artistic chandeliers. Our luxurious chandeliers, wall sconces and other pieces are created with the highest quality materials available and designed to last and appreciate in value. Please note that to ensure we show our lighting at its best, it can take some time for our portfolio pages to load. Thank you for your patience.

Rocco Borghese artistic chandeliers are designed for the ‘wow’ factor. Artistic can be defined as having or revealing natural creative skill and the stunning chandeliers on show certainly display the incredible imagination and fine skill involved in the crafting process.

Following different lines, colours, forms and structure, each chandelier is unique and tells its own tale. The artistic chandeliers feature eye-catching shapes that you might not have even considered for use in a light fitting. Spheres, curves, pointed edges and branch shapes. Crystal drops, leaves, animals, flowers and tubes. The fascinating use of shape brings a whole new dynamic to your interior and could easily fit in with existing shapes and texture in your décor. Alternatively, a contrasting shape or texture can also make a stunning impact in your desired space

If you want to let your artistic side flourish, then you will love adding something quirky, unique and exciting to your ceiling design. Bespoke creations mean you can call the shots and have a chandelier made that mirrors your personality and style. After all, the interior of our homes should reflect our individuality.

An artistic chandelier can be a great conversation starter, take pride of place in your favourite room and can even incorporate elements of things you love, such as a favourite colour, animal, hobby, era or theme. The only limit is your imagination when it comes to commissioning a bespoke artistic chandelier

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In order to show the very best quality photography our Artistic Chandelier portfolio can be slow to load.
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Rocco Borghese Artistic Chandeliers are amongst the finest available in the world today.

Our exclusive lighting is built to last many decades and constructed to the highest possible standards using the very best materials available.

Each piece is individually handmade to order to your exact requirements.

If you have any questions about any of the items you see in our portfolio or specific requests we would love to hear from you.

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