Statement table lamps illuminate even a mundane room in ways quite unlike other lighting options. Let’s face it, perfect tables needs the perfect glass table lamps!


The Rocco Borghese range of statement table lamps are handcrafted and stylish, exuding luxurious beams of light in all directions.

Our bespoke Murano glass table lamps can also add a subtle, but needed burst of light to any room.

Whether it’s a lamp for your night-stand, a reading light next to your cosiest chair or something special for your dinner table, the Rocco Borghese Venetian glass statement table lamp range is here. Our range consists of designs from opulent to practical, from modern to classic.

While many people opt for the ‘cheap and easy’ option, we believe your home or office needs something special that is a reflection of your taste and routine. With a splendid range of bases, shades, and colours, our glass table lamps will add class and ooh-la-la to any table you put them on.

Don’t just get a lamp to light up space, get a Rocco Borghese glass Statement table lamp to add that pop of pizzazz to your furniture and room.

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