4 Considerations Before Buying an Italian Chandelier

The desire to improve our interior spaces can be either from necessity or simply because you want to. Perhaps you are thinking about the long-term value of your home or simply want to enjoy pleasant, attractive surroundings in your residence. Choosing a statement lighting fitting is one way in which to transform the look

What is Art Deco Designer Lighting?

Art Deco is a term that’s used often, but do you really know what it is and what style it refers to? Most of us can immediately recognise this style of art but with so many different variations, it can become complicated to nail it down precisely. Art Deco is said to be a

The Sun King’s Love of Light

If you absolutely adore chandeliers and all manner of ornate, beautiful lighting, then you really need to visit the Palace of Versailles just outside Paris, France. This is probably one of the most amazing examples of glorious lighting in the world and can be found in the Hall of Mirrors. The Hall of Mirrors

Weird and Wonderful Chandeliers & Hand Blown Lighting

Decorating your home is a way of expressing your personal tastes and flair for the creative. While most of us choose furnishings that are in trend and blend well, others make more unusual choices. This is easy to do when it comes to statement lighting, the perfect way to add interest and beauty to