Luxury Crystal Chandeliers

Luxury Crystal Chandeliers and Pendants are what Rocco Borghese started making nearly 200 years ago. We still make lights that last a very very long time.

The Hidden Yet Fascinating World of Glass

How much do you think you know about glass? It’s an incredibly versatile material that we experience every day without even noticing. It’s in our homes, our vehicles, our mobile phones and even worn on our faces! Glass is absolutely everywhere, and yet most of us don’t give it a thought. Here are some

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A Brief history of human lighting

Where would we be without lighting? It is one of life’s great necessities, but it wasn’t always this way and used to be quite a luxury. It all started some 400,000 years BC when humans first discovered we could light fires. However it happened, whether by accident or clever observation, most human development has

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Add A Touch Of Luxury To Your Bedroom

Bedroom Lighting ? - These days you can hang a chandelier in any room of the house. No longer are they the preserve of formal dining areas or grand hallways. Now you can enjoy the ambience and grandeur of special lighting designed for any room of the home. They don’t have to be a

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4 Considerations Before Buying an Italian Chandelier

The desire to improve our interior spaces can be either from necessity or simply because you want to. Perhaps you are thinking about the long-term value of your home or simply want to enjoy pleasant, attractive surroundings in your residence. Choosing a statement lighting fitting is one way in which to transform the look

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