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Improving Commercial Spaces with Interior Design

Interior design does not only apply to where you live but is also an important concept for public buildings, corporations and any commercial settings. Commercial design can turn a dull space into an exciting and inviting one, follow a certain theme or branding and have a significantly positive impact. Good design often goes unnoticed but

How To Decorate Your Vaulted Ceilings

If you own a home with a vaulted ceiling, it might well have been this that you fell in love with and convinced you to buy your current property. A vaulted ceiling can take your breath away, adding elegance and grandeur. However, such openness requires a different approach to decorating and décor choices. Here

What is Art Deco Designer Lighting?

Art Deco is a term that’s used often, but do you really know what it is and what style it refers to? Most of us can immediately recognise this style of art but with so many different variations, it can become complicated to nail it down precisely. Art Deco is said to be a