Crystal Chandeliers

We are proud to show you our portfolio of crystal chandeliers. All our luxury chandeliers are carefully created to your exact needs with the finest materials currently available. Please note that to ensure we show our lighting at its best, it can take some time for our portfolio pages to load. Thank you for your patience.

Transparent and highly reflective, the multi-faceted surface of crystal glimmers and sparkles forever. The most beautiful chandeliers in the world are made using the finest crystal and Rocco Borghese crystal chandeliers are no exception. Using the highest quality Egyptian and Swarovski crystal and the finest Murano glass – you can guarantee the best sparkle from your bespoke lighting design.

Nothing says elegance, sophistication and luxury like a fine crystal chandelier, whether it’s for the home or for lavish corporate interior design. The beauty of using this material is it can be placed anywhere, is a neutral colour and provides fantastic light refraction. Many popular places to hang crystal lighting include the living room, dining room, hallway, foyer, bedroom or even the bathroom with the correct humidity control.

Since the times of the ancient civilizations, man has used crystal for their purported health benefits. They are said to release blockages in our mental, spiritual and physical energy. As crystals come from the earth, it is said that they offer healing properties, helping relaxation and emotional balance. Perhaps a crystal chandelier will benefit you more than in purely aesthetic value.

Crystal chandelier designs can be tailored to meet any room size. Whether you have a large space to fill or want a smaller chandelier to grace your ceiling, the huge variety in available designs will ensure you find the perfect match for your requirements.