Upstands, floor lamps & wall sconces

Surrounding yourself with beautiful things improves your quality of life. Bathing in the light generated by Rocco Borghese luxurious designer lighting actually changes your perception of life.

Mood lighting by our expert lighting designers creates a mysterious and romantic ambience wherever it’s placed. A bathroom becomes a spa retreat, a dining room becomes a banqueting hall. 

Rocco Borghese chandeliers and lighting will change you life.


Designer lights from sketch to realisation

Rocco Borghese can take your lighting ideas and turn them into reality. Bespoke, never before seen chandeliers, wall sconces or lamps.

Whether you are looking for classic, traditional, contemporary or completely insane, Rocco Borghese have the craftsmanship and the design experience to bring your dreams to life.

From large scale commercial lighting projects through to a single room in your house, we have the know how and the skill.


Bespoke garden lighting

An outdoor chandelier? Surely not. You might be surprised to learn that chandeliers can indeed be placed on the exterior of your property.  Bespoke garden lighting is available from Rocco Borghese, using especially durable materials for outside use.

Imagine how stunning your garden could look with a uniquely designed glass sculpture illuminated by LED lights to transform your outside space once dusk falls. An incredible talking point, a place to gather round with friends and family or to enjoy the beauty and tranquillity of your garden during times of contemplation.

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We design solutions to realise your ideas

Completely weatherproof and certified for outdoor use, the use of sturdier material does not hamper the style and elegance of lighting designs fit for pool areas, conservatories, decking lights, summerhouses, patios or porches. For those who love to make the most of warm summer nights with an outdoor seating area, make it an extension of the stylish décor inside your home and add some unique and exciting outdoor lighting ideas.

Together with your architects and designers on-site, we offer to take care of any decorative lighting concept and find solutions that match their brief and our vision.