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There are many ways to shed light on a room and if you’re looking for a statement lighting design that’s offers something different, then why not consider a beautifully lit mirror?

No more must a mirror be surrounded by a dull frame or no frame at all but can instead be decorated with stunning glass flowers, leaves or any design of your choice. A mirror serves as much more than a purely functional piece of furniture for vanity but can bring a room to life with glamour, luminescence and even be cleverly positioned to make a room look larger.

An attractive mirror is a must-have accessory for living rooms and bedrooms. As well as the obvious functional use, an ornate wall mirror will add sumptuous luxury and elegance wherever you decide to hang it. A room will often feel as if something is missing until a mirror is positioned artfully, opening up the space and increasing light levels.

Ask yourself if you want a mirror to be purely functional and seamlessly blend in with your existing décor or whether you want to make a statement. Perhaps you feel a mirror in a certain room will add that feel of additional light and space that is much needed?

As to the shape and size, the only limit is your imagination and available wall space. You could opt for a traditional rectangular shape or maybe consider oval or round. Where you want to position the mirror might have an impact on the shape you decide on. Perhaps you desire a full-length wall mirror which could also be hung in a landscape position. Whatever your requirements, bespoke mirrors from Rocco Borghese will create a unique piece of art for you.

Imagine how your ornate and opulent mirror will be the talking point for guests to your home. It will also offer a chance for you to express your personality, give your room a lighter, airier feel and reflect this light right throughout your living space.