Traditional Chandeliers

We are proud to show you our latest lighting creations. Our chandeliers, wall sconces and other pieces are designed to your requirements and constructed with the utmost care using the best materials available in the world today.

When we think of chandeliers, we picture the grand designs that hung from palace ceilings, vaulted castle beams, and domed ballrooms. Glittering crystal droplets, multiple arms and candlelight flickering against the night. Whilst not many of us have the space for such colossal fixtures, we still desire a touch of that antique elegance from a bygone era of splendor and sophistication. Reproducing that atmosphere inside our homes is easy today with so many lighting options available.

If you want to add grace and style to your décor, a Rocco Borghese traditional chandelier is the perfect solution. Available in all shapes and sizes, your bespoke chandelier is tailor-made to fit your required space and suit any room, be it a hallway, staircase, dining room, kitchen or bedroom. Bring a touch of timeless class to your interior.

A traditional style will usually consist of multi-tiered crystal drops. The shape of the droplets can be whatever you desire, including straight and tubular or teardrop for example. Traditional also includes the multi-armed chandelier with dimmable LED candle lights on each. There are many variations on these antique designs, with the possibility of adding your own unique modern twists as well. The benefit of bespoke is that you can form your own ideas of what works best for your décor, what colours will work and the kind of shape you imagine for your lighting design.