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When thinking about the design layout of a beautiful room, lighting and lamps are essential to the picture. A stunning upstand light from Rocco Borghese will provide a striking work of art in its own right, as well as setting the mood by providing illumination for the entire room. The type of upstand you choose, therefore, takes some serious consideration.

A floor lamp can be a stand-alone feature on its own, with height, character and definition. It can be a significant feature of a room’s décor and you may wish all eyes to be drawn to it. Alternatively, you might desire a subtler approach, with your lighting needs blending perfectly into the existing furnishings. Do you want to wow your guests or have your upstand seamlessly flow into the overall style and design of the room?

Size matters too. A large floor lamp with a wide base will need a bigger expanse of space and might be better suited to a room that can accommodate this. There are many options though, such as a smaller, plainer base paired with a showy, extravagant shade to bring excitement to the eye-level space of a room.

Height is another consideration when choosing your perfect upstand light. For high ceilings, a lamp that is too short will not look its best, as will a lamp that’s too tall with a low ceiling. Alternatively, upstands are available for placing on tables or desks. This is a further option for achieving warm ambient light that fits the proportion of your room better.

For your ambient or task lighting needs, upstand lighting design can be tailor-made to your unique requirements. Using the finest materials, you can have a truly individual lamp whether you want to indulge in reading, working, socialising or relaxing.