Wall Sconces

We are proud to show you our latest wall sconces, designed to your requirements and constructed with the utmost care using the best materials available in the world today. Please note that to ensure we show our lighting at its best, it can take some time for our portfolio pages to load. Thank you for your patience.

If you’re looking for a lighting solution other than a hanging chandelier, there are a huge variety of wall sconce designs available to suit every taste. These lights are fitted directly to a wall to provide a softer or more directional lighting option. They work well on their own and also combined with a central chandelier fitting.

When it comes to shape, there are many possibilities. For example, a half-moon sconce is usually fitted flush against a wall, is neat and compact and can be used both inside and outside the home. These offer great accent lighting and work well combined with a larger central lighting element.

Wallchieres have a distinctive look, being longer and slimmer than other wall sconce designs. Available in any number of materials and finishes, they can offer a more decorative and intricate element to your décor. The great thing about all wall sconces is that you don’t lose any floor space as you would with a floor lamp for example.

Lantern Wall Sconces offer an antique and traditional element to your décor. These are also popular for outdoor use. Giving off lots of light, they are welcoming and attractive, making your entrance way safer after dark as well.

For a real sense of antiquity and romance, a candle sconce is the perfect choice. Now installed with light bulbs instead of flickering candles, the bulbs still do justice to the gentle effect of candlelight. Whatever your taste, a candle sconce can be made with any material or finish and are ideal for illuminating intimate spaces or as a secondary lighting source in a larger room.

Whatever your lighting requirements, a bespoke wall sconce from Rocco Borghese can be created to provide up-lighting to give off feelings of space and expanse, down-lighting for warmth and cosiness or a clever combination of both to create more balance. You can also choose from a traditional, rustic or contemporary sconce style. If you can’t decide, why not have a design that incorporates the best of all styles and choose a transitional option?