Large chandeliers or small chandeliers? We have a chandelier or lighting design for every location. With creative flair, time-honoured skills and an understanding of glass and light, Rocco Borghese can create your very own individual and unique fixture. Either unleash your artistic side or celebrate your property’s heritage. Working with the finest Egyptian crystal and Murano glass, the latest LED lightbulb technology and Italian glass-blowing expertise from many years in the family business, our aim is to create a spectacular, long-lasting piece of art to grace your property for years to come.

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Custom Chandeliers
Chandeliers - Aqua Droplets


There are many current chandeliers available to provide you with some inspiration. Whether you need lighting in the kitchen, bathroom, entrance hall, bedroom or even outside! For a unique and unusual feature, take a look at our artistic range. For antique elegance, choose from one of the many stunning traditional chandelier designs that pay homage to the past whilst embracing the modern. Large chandeliers can embellish a stately staircase or high, empty ceiling space. A chandelier is ideal for lighting up big, difficult areas and providing a stunning focal point. The ultimate in luxury, of a glittering, shiny crystal lighting design cannot be beaten. Make use of the reflective qualities of crystal to provide a bright and eye-catching addition to your interior.


Designer lighting

So anyone looking for a design a little different to a chandelier, Rocco Borghese can create any type of feature you desire. These include wall sconces and upstands for additional task and accent lighting options in your home. For a truly unique designer lighting feature to compliment any room or chandelier take a look at our bespoke lit mirrors. These can be used instead of or in harmony with a central chandelier, giving you greater control over the levels of brightness in each room.

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Tear Droplet Chandeliers