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The Rocco Borghese Chandeliers glass foundry in Murano, Venice has been designing and manufacturing bespoke chandeliers and luxury lighting since 1824.

Our designers create exceptional solutions often pushing the boundaries of contemporary art. Both of our lighting showrooms in London sell lights and chandeliers that will create true statements in your home.

All our luxury chandeliers, custom-made lighting and bespoke mirrors are unique.

They are made to your exact specification and budget.

Each light feature is finished to the highest standard, making it an investment for life.

Bespoke chandeliers transform everyday spaces to capture the imagination. Let us help you push the boundaries and make your vision a reality.

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The Rocco Borghese glass foundry has been creating bespoke chandeliers and luxury lighting since 1824.

All our luxurious chandeliers, custom-made lights and bespoke mirrors are unique.

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Bespoke lighting & wall sconces


custom built mirrors


Rocco Borghese Chandeliers design, manufacture and sell high quality, handmade, chandeliers, bespoke lights and designer mirrors. Our architectural lighting design consultants work closely with architects, interior designers and project managers to create lighting for a range of sectors. These include hospitality, residential, retail and religious groups.

  • We only sell our own products so we know everything there is to know about our glasswork & can answer all your questions.
  • You will receive a tailored service that responds to the individual needs of your project, from concept to creation and installation. One or more of our directors are involved in all projects.
  • Our lighting designer (Rocco Borghese) will create all residential and architectural light features after discussing your plans with you.
  • Each crystal chandelier is built by an expert craftsman from start to finish. We even blow any glass used to ensure that every single piece you purchase is perfect.
  • Rigorous quality control ensures that you get chandeliers & designer lights finished to the highest standards.
  • Our 100% Satisfaction guarantee for all products ensures you are always safe when purchasing any product or service. We wouldn’t have it any other way!

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Rocco Borghese Chandeliers offer complete bespoke lighting solutions for designers & architects.

We combine hand-made manufacturing with innovative technologies to create timeless artworks for your home.

All our chandeliers, wall sconces and mirrors are the ultimate in luxury, style, and sophistication. They will never simply fade into the background.

Regardless of where in your home you decide to install one, our chandeliers make a bold statement about you, your style and your personality.

“Rocco Borghese and his team are a total delight to work with. They have produced many amazing pieces for us in UK and US. He is our ‘go to’ person when we need something special for our clients, and he fulfils the brief every time, never ceasing to amaze us on how he can interpret our design brief, as well as adding in creative ideas of his own. Deadlines are never a problem, and no job is too big!”

Brenda MacLauchlan of Brodin Design Build, London

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Customised and bespoke lighting design, tailored to your requirements.

Our Architectural Lighting Designers, create enchanting environments with colour & light. Developing unique atmospheres, to enhance your space.

Based on concepts from architects and interior designers, Rocco will design individual lighting schemes which complement the form and function of your spaces.

We have been fortunate to create glass work & lighting for some of the most beautiful country homes and cathedrals as well as exclusive London clubs and bars. See how our lighting design service can help your residential or architectural project.

This was our first time working with Rocco and we are happy to state that the quality and service is as impressive as the lighting itself. We were able to pass over our brief to Rocco and his team and let them do what they do best and come up with a truly breath-taking design using colours and shades to match perfectly with our design. We received multiple samples in a timely manner even though we are located in Singapore. The installation team flew in and worked tirelessly to ensure the piece was erected perfectly. We cannot wait to work with Rocco again as the entire process was a fun, educational and rewarding experience, resulting in a piece of lighting that has added a very powerful and beautiful focal point that will no doubt elevate the reputation of Elliot James to new heights.

Elliot Barratt, Founder & Director of Elliot James Interiors, Singapore

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