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Creating bespoke mirrors and lavish chandeliers since 1824.

The Borghese family glass foundry creates luxurious bespoke mirrors and chandeliers UK and globally. Further our lighting is designed to your exact specification and budget by our expert designers and finished to the highest standard.

Owning a Rocco Borghese chandelier is an investment for life so let us create your dream chandelier or mirror.


Rocco Borghese is an award-winning chandelier and designer mirror company with a reputation for consistent innovation at the highest level of quality & design.


This stunning chandelier is formed of four elegantly proportioned tiers of Borghese design tri-crystal encircled in three bronze bands to give a contemporary edge that really sets it apart.

Fire Corale

A classy and understated addition to the Corale range with a subtle mixture of Champaign /clear and frosted glass in both smooth and ribbed textures. Detail: ribbed hand-blown Borghese

Vignietta Crawler XI

An organic and meticulously designed piece which makes for a fascinating talking point. This unique piece would look perfect in a special area of the home, such as over the


We have designed glass work for some of the most beautiful country homes and even cathedrals as well as exclusive London clubs and bars.


The natural evolution of chandeliers UK.

Rocco Borghese design, manufacture and sell high quality, hand-made, bespoke, designer mirrors, lights and chandeliers UK. We only sell our own products so we know everything there is to know about our glass work. We share our expertise in lighting design.

We offer a bespoke service from concept to creation and continually update our design and manufacturing processes. Rigorous quality control ensures our chandeliers or designer lights are finished to the highest standard. On time, every time. 

Chandeliers UK Church or Latter Day Saints

[Image by Rocco Borghese © Intellectual Reserve inc.]


Rocco Borghese chandeliers capture the imagination. We create designer lighting beyond all conventional ideas of function and beauty.

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