Miami Custom Chandelier Design

Miami Custom Chandelier Design

Glass Art Work Chandeliers & Custom Lighting Design

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Custom Chandelier Design


Our glass foundry in Murano has 199 years of experience designing & creating custom chandeliers for palaces, cathedrals and large houses all over Europe.

However, all creative master glass artists, continually seek to create more contemporary works of glass art.

So, whilst continuing to refine classic crystal chandelier designs, Rocco Borghese also created 2 new collections. These are the Artistic Chandeliers and the Contemporary Chandeliers.

With vibrant colours these creative, glass-blown pieces are more suited to 21st Century architecture than the gracious homes, palaces and churches of the previous century.

Where better than Miami, with its array of colourful modern architecture and interior design, to compliment the glass sculpted art works that are of course also chandeliers.

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Bespoke Glass Art Design Miami

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In 1968 Dale Chihuly, America’s famous glass artist travelled to Murano, Venice to study with the master glass workers. Amongst them was Maestro Lino Tagliapietra, today widely recognized as the world’s greatest living glass blower (even by Chihuly).

Since then, the Glass Art works of both these men have become legend. Exhibited in museums and also much sought by art collectors globally.

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Do you want to own a truly awe-inspiring Glass Work of Art?

Investing in the custom chandelier design of a Murano glass blowing master like Rocco Borghese is one alternative.

Investing in a functional work of glass art like a custom chandelier gives you so many more benefits than mere stocks & shares.

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Rocco Borghese Chandeliers offers complete custom lighting solutions for Miami designers & architects

We combine masterful glass blowing with innovative technologies to create timeless artworks for your home.

All our chandeliers, wall sconces and mirrors are the ultimate in luxury, style, and sophistication. They will never simply fade into the background.

Regardless of where in your home you decide to install our chandeliers, start making an investment in yourself today.

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Rocco Borghese and his team are a total delight to work with. They have produced many amazing pieces for us in UK and US. He is our ‘go to’ person when we need something special for our clients, and he fulfils the brief every time, never ceasing to amaze us on how he can interpret our design brief, as well as adding in creative ideas of his own. Deadlines are never a problem, and no job is too big!

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Custom Chandelier Glass Art, Tailored to Your Requirements.

Our Architectural Lighting designers, create breathtaking environments with colour & light based on concepts from architects and interior designers.

Murano-trained lighting designer Rocco Borghese will design individual lighting schemes that complement your spaces’ form and function.

We have been fortunate to create glass art works & lighting for some of the most beautiful homes, cathedrals as well as palaces. See how our lighting design service can help you make a residential or architectural project truly exceptional.

This was our first time working with Rocco and we are happy to state that the quality and service is as impressive as the lighting itself. We were able to pass over our brief to Rocco and his team and let them do what they do best and come up with a truly breath-taking design using colours and shades to match perfectly with our design. We received multiple samples in a timely manner even though we are located in Singapore. The installation team flew in and worked tirelessly to ensure the piece was erected perfectly. We cannot wait to work with Rocco again as the entire process was a fun, educational and rewarding experience, resulting in a piece of lighting that has added a very powerful and beautiful focal point that will no doubt elevate the reputation of Elliot James to new heights.”

Elliot Barratt

Founder & Director of Elliot James Interiors, Singapore