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The Borghese Glass Foundry of custom-made lighting manufacturers began creating luxury lighting and lead crystal chandeliers for churches in 1824. Our high-end lighting manufacturers have always been at the forefront of developing new techniques to master the art of glass creation. The quest for luxury lighting requested by bishops, leading businessmen and the individual Borghesia has enabled us to hone our craft over the years.

Since then our Glass Foundry hasn’t stopped growing as high-end, custom-made lighting manufacturers. Indeed we serve many of Murano’s and Venice’s leading names in the bespoke chandelier business.


Many years of experience, passion, skilled craftsmanship and an unimaginable pride in our work ensure that all our chandeliers exude life and soul. We create ‘art within glass’ and add light to produce not only a high-end chandelier fit for a palace but also an experience that we hope you will enjoy from the moment our work is installed.

The Borghese family have become experts in creating luxury lighting. Rocco Borghese, head designer, ensures the family business continues to design high end bespoke,  artistic, modern,  contemporary, traditional and unique glass work for a range of clients across the globe.

Rocco Borghese Showroom Crouch End
Rocco Borghese Showroom Crouch End

59 Park Road, London, N8 8DP


My pieces are specifically designed to work with your exact requirements – a work of art that will not lose its beauty. To preserve the uniqueness and artistic value of the chandeliers and luxury lighting, I do not use ready-made or off-the-shelf components, all parts are designed specifically for you.

As a high end lighting designer I place great importance on the visual appeal of everything I design and create. I take care not to show the inner armature of the chandelier. All inner lighting is designed to light up as a 360-degree spread, unlike the offerings of many of my competitors. I take exceptional care to ensure the correct flow of light, without hot-spots by employing up to five times as many lamps than many of my competitors.

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Our luxury chandeliers are composed of hundreds of blown glass elements that together, make up elaborate, intricate compositions. True luxury lighting on a grand scale.

The difference in feel, texture and lustre quality when compared to scientific or borosilicate glass used by some manufacturers is huge. Our glass will not tarnish or yellow, unlike other cheaper offerings.

In terms of weight it is very important to have lightness without too much transparency. This is something we carefully consider with all our designs.


Rocco Borghese lighting is constructed with the finest quality blend of Venetian soda glass and crystal mix, or pure synthetic crystal.

Many decades of research and experimentation by our custom-made lighting manufacturers have, led to the development of many exquisite glass finish options, including ribbed with slight obscurity, and the clean look of the crystal droplets.

These can be created as hollow tubes to avoid weight issues. Internal frames are designed with minimal obstructions and now include the latest advanced super-strong but almost invisible micro-wires.

High End lighting designer glass blowing


Architectural Lighting Specialist Project - Rome
Church of jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Rome, Italy

In-depth Lighting Analysis and Planning

Architectural lighting design is a science, an art and a way of using technological aids to create ambient and aesthetic solutions.

We work with architects and interior designers to plan & design, lighting features that will enhance your home, whatever the size.

Manufacture and Installation

We will then make all the lighting custom made for you and install everything as outlined in the lighting plan.

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