We are proud to introduce our latest artistic chandeliers & bespoke lighting. These luxury modern chandeliers are created using only the highest quality materials. They are designed to last and appreciate in value.


When looking for something with that ‘wow factor’, bespoke lighting is our speciality, and the way to go for something that makes you smile every time you enter the room. Rocco Borghese bespoke modern chandeliers are designed to be the talking point of every home conversation, from lights on to lights out.

Custom built to your exact detail, our artistic lights combine function with funk, demonstrating some of the most imaginative designs and crafting possible.
Just like you, every chandelier is unique with different lines, colour, shape and form.

Our artistic range of bespoke lighting and modern luxury chandeliers encompasses spheres, curves, pointed edges, leaves, flowers, crystal drops and more. Their design is fuelled by imagination, you simply need to envisage where in your house you want it to sit.

Why hang something boring from your ceiling when you can put up something that starts conversations. Bespoke lighting makes every room ‘pop’, and you the talking point of your social circle.

Visit one of our London showrooms and find a truly unique chandelier or light for your home or office. The only limit is your imagination when it comes to commissioning bespoke modern chandeliers.

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