As a lighting designer I see things, look at nature, observe our past and present world whilst I’m torn with humanity’s overindulgence. My observations sometimes make me believe that we are all spectators. Perhaps an audience and the stage happen to be a theatrical setting of life’s egoistic endeavours, personal goals that enrich one’s soul or character-building experiences.

I often look back at my life. I think and question lots of experiences I embarked upon. Although I’m not in any way deluded into thinking that I’ve experienced so much, what more can I explore?

It’s interesting for me to reflect upon human nature and why we all want so much more from life. After all, we are explorers, born with questions, inquisitive and profound in our hunger for answers.

Lighting Designer - Rocco Borghese


On reflection, my observations of our life’s building blocks are based on our childhood. Our parents influence us, and we then become moulded into this individual that can be very religious or completely the opposite, agnostic, or even scientifically driven by only seeking evidence and living to uncover the truth behind everyone’s mask.

Now as a specialist lighting designer my own thoughts and reflections amount to the same feelings I had when I was in my teens; without balance we can easily lose our way, equilibrium. The scales of our existence is what it’s all about. Being extreme in anything always creates negativities and the opposite; being a spectator and doing nothing also creates problems. The negativity and problems I talk about are not so much to do with other people, but they are about what we think of ourselves, how we see ourselves. Our lives endeavours are really about recognising who we really are and what we want to become.

We set ourselves very high goals that are often never achieved. Indeed, the essence of being in touch with oneself is to be that observer of the conscience and to know that self-respect doesn’t come easy.

It’s a battle between our ego and our sublime conscience. Nurturing ourselves and observing the true self is an incredible healing process. It requires depth and stillness of body and soul.

My brief thoughts are based on a question I had when I was able to still my mind for the first time and still remains the matter of all unanswered discussions.

“Why are we here?”

We all try to answer this question in our own way. On that theoretical stage we try to participate so that we become the observed instead of always being the spectator or part of that audience.

I have a lot to say on this subject but unfortunately, I cannot answer that question. I can, however, throw a thought into that thinking hat.


My art is my way of expressing myself. To find enlightenment with a creative piece of art that whispers soft and pleasing surrealism is something that I hold close to my life’s passion. Art has no shape, no real static movement. It’s flexible and molten which embodies the essence of creativity.

You might think that it’s a strange way to describe my life’s work but it’s my very true conscience talking. It’s my best shot at describing the way I approach my projects as a lighting designer. There is no single thought as there are no limiting confines. It just is!

A blank canvas is a sacred place that can create knowledge of encyclopedias based on a single stroke of genius. “Art is in the eye of the beholder” /E.A. Bucchianeri/.

My personal take on art is expressing why we are here as lighting designer

I’m driven by my passion to create objects that can reflect an obvious pleasurable presence. For this, it’s important to implement all that I have described and more.

It’s not an easy task when you try to control it as a lighting designer, but given the tools of experience and understanding, expression starts to become fluid and flowing. It’s a matter of conveying that message so that it’s observed from that same viewpoint, without too much verbal convincing.

My hope is that you understand my shot at describing my approach encompassed with what intrigues me and how my train of thought develops, with each creation I would need to write a book on the psychology behind what I have barely touched upon in my description. Suffice is to say, I love my work as I’m getting to know myself.

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