The Art of Hand-Blown Glass Lighting

Hand blown glass has enjoyed something of a renaissance and is now well and truly in the interior design spotlight due to a winning mixture of traditional craftsmanship, radical new ideas, and some appealing collaborations. This has elevated an age-old technique into a serious art form that is producing some stunning and inspiring work.

The Hidden Yet Fascinating World of Glass

How much do you think you know about glass? It’s an incredibly versatile material that we experience every day without even noticing. It’s in our homes, our vehicles, our mobile phones and even worn on our faces! Glass is absolutely everywhere, and yet most of us don’t give it a thought. Here are some

What is Murano Glass?

Murano lies less than a mile from the city of Venice, Italy. It has been a commercially active port since the 7th century. The glassmaking here began in 1291, when Venetian authorities, fearing fire could destroy the mostly wooden structures of the city, ordered their glassmakers to move their foundries to Murano. Fast forward

A Brief history of human lighting

Where would we be without lighting? It is one of life’s great necessities, but it wasn’t always this way and used to be quite a luxury. It all started some 400,000 years BC when humans first discovered we could light fires. However it happened, whether by accident or clever observation, most human development has stemmed

Improving Commercial Spaces with Interior Design

Interior design does not only apply to where you live but is also an important concept for public buildings, corporations and any commercial settings. Commercial design can turn a dull space into an exciting and inviting one, follow a certain theme or branding and have a significantly positive impact. Good design often goes unnoticed but

Stunning Staircases

If you’re lucky enough to have a spiral staircase in your home, there are lots of exciting ways to make it stand out and become a real statement of your décor. They are both practical and space-saving, and the architectural design is thought to date back several thousands of years. A spiral staircase rises

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