If you love the idea of a hanging chandelier but don’t want a traditional, antique style chandelier, then why not consider a more modern contemporary chandelier design?

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Whether you’re seeking a minimalist yet dazzling centrepiece or you want something unusual or futuristic-looking, we will create the perfect lighting solution for any space, contemporary or period.

We use shapes, textures and colours not usually favored for traditional chandeliers to create highly unique lighting fixtures that compliment any property.

Our exciting designs represent the cutting edge in modern lighting, utilising LED bulbs complete with a dimming function combined with the traditional glass-blowing techniques perfected many hundreds of years ago.

The past meets the future in a present-day statement chandelier designed to ‘wow’ your guests.

Contemporary chandelier design include interior fittings and accessories selected to compliment the space in which they will live. Popular themes include sleek lines, metal work and minimalism.

Our contemporary chandeliers embrace creative and new ideas. Rocco Borghese contemporary lighting designs retain the sophistication and elegance of the past with the most popular themes of current interior home trends.

Clever features such as mirrors, faceted glass and multi-layer LED lights provide a crisp, clean and highly reflective light fittings boasting real contemporary glamour.