Our staircase ideas of chandeliers for your stairwell. From traditional to ultra-contemporary, are designed to be seen because they are works of art. Each chandelier is handmade by expert craftsmen from start to finish to ensure that every single piece is perfect.


Looking for something big, bold & beautiful?

This range of prominent stairwell chandeliers will fill any stairwell with light and emotion, from the traditional to ultra-modern. Perfect for any large staircase or vaulted ceiling, our stairwell chandeliers are perfect for any big or tall space that needs a little life and light.

Imposing chandeliers are great as signature pieces for any entrance, drawing the eye to the sparkling beauty of their contours and accessories. The right stairwell chandelier can fill and complement staircases from floor to floor, which is why we have so many to choose from.

Whether it’s the centrepiece of a large hall, the focal point of a hallway or a staircase in a property with open levels, or the signature piece in your corporate space, our series of grandiose stairwell chandeliers are guaranteed to impress. (See the photos of the Rome Temple)

Let Rocco Borghese into your space, and we will help you find the perfect, impressive chandelier for your staircase ideas. Our years of experience can help you pick out traditional or contemporary designs that can add that ‘wow’ factor to your next project.

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