Looking for a lighting solution other than a hanging chandelier? Our luxury wall sconces are fitted directly to the wall, they provide a beautiful directional lighting option and the ideal accompaniment to a central chandelier fitting.


Why settle for a boring old wall, when you can lighten the room with gorgeous luxury wall sconces?

A wall sconce is the perfect option for multi directional lighting or to accompany a Rocco Borghese central chandelier.

Our bespoke designer wall lights offer possibility and potential to any indoor or outdoor wall in your home.

Available in a variety of shapes, styles, materials finishes and functions, wall sconces are superb when you need to make the most from limited space.

Whether you are looking for the flickering, dim ability of a candle wall sconce, which offers the soothing effect of candlelight, or a lantern wall sconce, which offers a more rustic, antique, outdoorsy look, we have you covered.

Perhaps opt for a wallchiere sconce, with slim lines, and elegant detail to flush out any wall in your home.

Visit a Rocco Borghese showroom, and we can discuss your wall sconce options. Let’s not let your walls get boring, add a sconce!

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