Architectural Lighting Design Services

Our lighting design service can help you enhance your property (both inside and outside). Using carefully planned lighting designs that work in conjunction with the architectural design, allowing you to change the mood and atmosphere of any space.

Rocco Borghese lighting design has 195 years of experience designing lights for large churches, palaces and residential properties. Today our lighting design service provides a combination of our unique experience in lighting design with a knowledge of the advances in technology to produce lasting solutions for your lighting needs.

To ensure the best results for your overall design it is advisable that the lighting design is done at the start of the project before any electrical work is started.

Our architectural lighting design can be seen in many private residences, palaces, villas, luxury hotels, resorts and cathedrals.

Custom lighting design in conjunction in harmony with architectural intent. In luxury settings, the Borghese masterpieces express pure luxury for their uniqueness for being tailored to the tastes of every client.

Rocco Borghese provides the architects with technical knowledge and skilled staff to assist them during the design, creation and installation of the pieces – an all-round service.

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Our architectural lighting design consultants assist interior design studios, property developers, architects as well as individual clients in optimizing their lighting designs, offering our experience in the specific field of high-end interior lighting.

A full range of aesthetic criteria are considered to ensure the creations are beautifully finished; from the models to sizes and colours, everything is considered in order to enhance the settings where architecture, furnishings and accessories must be perfectly coordinated to create the desired elegant and refined atmosphere.

Once all the elements have been chosen and the workshop drawings approved by the client, our architectural lighting designer will start the new creation. Each lighting feature will be handmade and bespoke and our production team will be available to liase with you.

The excellence of Italian craftsmanship brought into being by certified lighting designers and master craftsmen.

Regardless of your venue location, our lighting design team offer installation and maintenance services carried out by our in-house team of specialist technicians.

If our presence is not required, our architectural lighting design consultants are happy to advise and liaise with a client’s chosen tradesmen to make sure the installation/ maintenance is being carried out and accomplished safely and correctly.

Whether by land, sea or air and irrespective of carrier, suitable packaging guarantees the perfect protection of each of our glassworks.

Once assembled, Tested and checked, the chandeliers are carefully disassembled and packed piece-by-piece, ready for shipping to their final destination.

Our architectural lighting design service consultants will always be on hand if you have any questions or support requirements regarding our lighting features.

Lighting Design Service – Architectural Lighting Projects

Rome Italy Temple

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Annabels, Private Club, London

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Client Testimonials

There are few companies that make an interior designer’s job easier, but working with Rocco Borghese to design a large-scale chandelier has been an absolute pleasure. The staff is supportive, knowledgeable and quick with a response. I look forward to creating more special, one-of-a-kind pieces with them on future projects.

Mike Rupp of Samuel Amoia, New York

Rocco Borghese is an amazing craftsman and incredibly nice to work with too… We looked at several options and eventually commissioned the stunningly beautiful Amiraglio Brillaante Murano Crystal chandelier that simply takes your breath away. We matched this piece with oversized pendants and delicate wall sconces. Overall just the most stunning effect. We had a vision and Rocco fulfilled it 100%. I cannot recommend highly enough and look forward to working with Rocco again soon.

Shandler Homes Ltd, London

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