Classic glass and crystal chandeliers exude class and design excellence. Our luxury classic chandeliers are designed to your exact requirements and constructed with the utmost care using the best materials available in the world today.


These classic chandeliers are usually made with sets of hanging glass crystal prisms. The light-scattering properties of these prisms illuminate the room. This is in contrast to contemporary chandeliers, which do not contain prisms and use direct light from lamps to light up a room.

Our range of classic chandeliers contains simple, yet elegant pieces you would be proud to put in your home. From Montgolfière to Regency style chandeliers.

Adam style chandeliers (neoclassical) can turn almost any room into a well-lit or cosy and ultra-stylish environment. Traditional Venetian style goes a long way and we have assembled a collection of unique pieces that work with any décor.

Our bespoke chandeliers combine antique elegance with a simple function.

The traditional style of many pieces we create includes droplets, tubes, tiers, multiple arms, and vintage collections.

Candle lights, dimmable LEDs, and modern twists on antique classics are just some of the options we can explore when designing your next piece.

Are you looking for that classic look?

Come have a look at some of our rare classic chandeliers and traditional lighting features to see how they can light up your life.

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