Chandelier installation

We have completed some notable chandelier installation projects around the world including exclusive hotels, palaces, luxury private residences, cathedrals and airports. Our team consists of the most experienced chandelier installers in the world today who have been exacting their art for over thirty years experience.

We are perfectionists and ensure the highest level of caution is maintained during any chandelier installation. We take the highest level of care and precision while we install any chandelier wherever it’s required.

Chandelier Installation by Rocco Borghese
Chandelier Installation and Aftercare


Chandelier  Aftercare

When a Rocco Borghese piece is commissioned the work is not yet finished. As artisans, we are always seeking to preserve our works of glass art, our chandeliers are objects of sheer beauty and desire and we aim to help you maintain them as such.

Servicing and maintenance is carried out by our team on request. We work with our clients to ensure that these works of art stand the test of time.

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How often does my chandelier need cleaning?

The frequency of chandelier cleaning depends on certain factors such as the chandelier’s age, shape, size, height and location. Our friendly team are able to offer expert advice on the ideal cleaning intervals for your chandelier.

Alongside cleaning services, we can also provide a chandelier electrical testing service to make sure your lighting is in perfect condition.

  • Removal of dirt and dust deposits
  • Buffing of body, frame and fitting & metal pieces
  • Replacement of light bulbs & light fittings
  • On-site service using only the best-Recommended chandelier cleaning products & Techniques 
Chandelier Cleaning in London
chandelier installation 2


Chandelier Repair

We are often able to repair chandeliers on-site if more complex repairs are required our specialist lighting restorers may remove part or all of the chandelier to provide the best solution for you

If the electric wires on your chandelier are old or damaged by environmental forces such as water, humidity or fire, we can rewire and make them safe again.

Removal Service

Whether you are relocating, renovating your home or in charge of transforming a commercial property, trust that our chandelier installer is a specialist and can safely remove and fit your chandelier securely back to its dedicated spot or install it in its new home.

No matter the size, weight, and elevation our chandelier installers can make provisions to ensure that your hanging centrepiece is well looked after.

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