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Creating a Statement with Artistic Modern Chandeliers

Using artistic modern chandeliers to decorate your home is a way of expressing your personal tastes and flair for the creative. While most of us choose furnishings that are in trend and blend well, others make more unusual choices. This is easy to do when it comes to statement lighting, the perfect way to add interest and beauty to an otherwise blank ceiling space. While most choose elegant chandeliers for sale, others create very unusual designs made from unexpected items. Here are some of the more bizarre artistic modern chandeliers that people have made.

Gummi Bear Chandelier

Whilst you might be tempted to take a few nibbles out of this fixture, a chandelier has been made from gummi bears, plastic, beads and bulbs! It is a fun, colourful and sweet creation which probably needed some special treatment to prevent the gummi bears from melting onto the heads of those unfortunate enough to be seated underneath! Why not choose a design that’s a little more sophisticated!

Skull Chandelier

For a Halloween with some real substance, you might want to hang this creepy chandelier. Made from three actual size human skulls and three miniature ones, femur bones are used to keep it all connected. If you want to scare anyone who comes into your home, this is the perfect conversation starter and stopper, as they run away!

Octopus Chandelier

If you love all things aquatic, then perhaps you’d consider this chandelier whose arms are designed to mimic octopus tentacles. Your octopus can come in many different colours to suit your décor. It’s an unusual but space-saving idea to demonstrate your affection for this creature without cluttering up your home with knick-knacks. Perhaps you could incorporate any animal that you love?

Teacup Chandeliers

Every tea drinker should have one of these. Recycled teacups have been used in a variety of colours and patterns to construct a chandelier where the traditional candlesticks would have been positioned. They can be used with candles or light bulbs.

Beer Bottle Chandelier

You might have seen something similar in a bar or restaurant, but there’s no reason why you can’t have one in your own home. A beer bottle chandelier is ideal for hanging in a man cave over a pool table or over a stylish home bar.

Paperclip Chandelier

For anyone who has thousands of spare paperclips lying around, why not make a chandelier out of them? Perfect for a home office or classroom and when lit, they create fascinating light prisms across the ceiling and walls. There are so many elaborate and unique ways to shape an artistic modern chandelier.

Gramophone Chandelier

Music lovers will appreciate a chandelier made to look like an old-fashioned gramophone. For a nostalgic, vintage look this is a great shape to incorporate into your décor in any room. They can even come pre-aged to look more like an antique. Whether you choose a single or a cluster of smaller gramophones, these artistic chandeliers are certainly a talking point.

Umbrella Chandelier

For those who are superstitious, this design might leave you a little uneasy. They come in a cluster of different colours or one overall colour scheme with each umbrella housing a light bulb. The umbrella sections sit in a half-opened position and come in a range of sizes.

Artistic Modern Chandeliers

So now that you’ve seen some of the truly weird, maybe you might consider the truly artistic modern chandeliers like for example the  “Energia Cosmica Molte Colore” or “Multi-coloured Cosmic Energy” that looks like this.Artistic Modern Chandeliers

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