Here are some chandeliers for bedrooms created by lighting designer Rocco Borghese. As custom lighting designers, we create unique bedroom chandeliers to your exact requirements. From contemporary bedroom chandeliers to cute chandeliers for children; all are the best luxury chandeliers available today.


As a designer of unique chandeliers for bedrooms, Rocco Borghese is always pushing boundaries and creating new designs. On this page, we show our best bedroom chandeliers. We even have small chandeliers for bedrooms, because we don’t all live in mansions.

We manufacture & design both modern bedroom chandeliers and contemporary bedroom chandeliers. At Rocco Borghese, we design hospitality lighting as well as creating architectural lighting for large cathedrals and palaces.

All our research and development work for these large projects allows us to also manufacture the best bedroom chandeliers for residential clients. Luxury bedroom chandeliers that will enhance any style or design you can imagine.

All our bespoke bedroom chandeliers combine antique elegance with a simple function. Our glassblowing studio in Murano creates unique glass chandeliers for bedrooms, made to withstand the tests of time. Beautiful bedroom chandeliers that will look great in 100 years. We use the highest quality materials and the latest lighting technology.

Candle lights, dimmable LEDs, and modern twists on antique classics are just some of the options we can explore when buying your next chandeliers for bedrooms.

When adding ambient lighting to a bedroom, chandeliers are a great choice and will help to soften the look of your bedroom. Whether it’s chandeliers for a master bedroom or children’s bedroom chandeliers, they will add style and atmosphere to any bedroom.

No chandeliers are not out of style. In fact, chandeliers are evolving with the new styles in houses being built. The increase of modern & contemporary chandeliers available for sale gives testament to that. However, classic crystal chandeliers are still very popular with interior designers.

Classic Chandeliers for Bedrooms

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