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Bedroom Lighting ? – These days you can hang a chandelier in any room of the house. No longer are they the preserve of formal dining areas or grand hallways. Now you can enjoy the ambience and grandeur of special lighting designed for any room of the home. They don’t have to be a fussy, ornate design either, with many contemporary styles available featuring modern materials and LED bulbs.

One of the best places for special mood lighting is in the bedroom. Here you can turn your private comfort into a luxury boudoir or chic modern bedroom with the help of specially designed and custom-made bedroom chandelier. Chandeliers offer a quick way of dramatically changing the mood of a space and here we look at some of the ways you can achieve this in a bedroom.

Chandelier above bed

Installing a chandelier provides something known as ‘ambient light’ which means it is indirect yet even, remains comfortable on the eye and yet easily illuminates a space. This works well in tandem with the task lighting often found in bedrooms, such as bedside table lamps or accent lighting on a mirror or dressing table. A beautifully reflective chandelier can light up a whole room when natural light is not in abundance.

Aside from the functional benefits, aesthetically chandeliers are very pleasing and add an interesting focal point to the bare space of a ceiling. A statement lighting piece can even provide the main focal point for the rest of the room’s décor and design to follow.

The type of chandelier you choose will depend upon your existing bedroom lighting design style. You don’t necessarily have to have a traditional style bedroom to install a classic candlestick-style chandelier as these multi-armed and multi-tiered fixtures can fit in with a number of different themes and styles. For a romantic theme, you might want to choose gilded brass, traditional crystal or one with a wrought iron base. These offer timeless elegance and a hint to the past, suitable even in a modern 21st-century bedroom. A chandelier with unusual colouring, modern materials or an interesting shape would work well in an ultra-modern setting – something with a sci-fi edge or even a whimsical and funky look.

Contemporary Chandeliers

If you are not changing your bedroom’s furniture hardware, then you’ll want the chandelier to blend in with existing fittings. Chandeliers can be made with a variety of different metal finishes, so it might be worth considering choosing something that matches the existing handles for example. You don’t have to choose a metallic finish. In fact, if you want to avoid gold or silver all together you can focus on a piece that it all glass or crystal.

Once you have a design style in mind, you’ll want to think about its function. For the primary source of light in a room, consider large or multiple bulbs that are uncovered. Any shades or design that cover bulbs will diffuse light and create more of a mood lighting effect. The placement of your chandelier will have an effect on its visual impact and the lighting levels in your room, so you might want to consider some of the following placement ideas for your lighting fixture:


This is one of the most popular locations to install a chandelier in the bedroom. It makes a great visual impact and helps illuminate the whole space. Installation tips include making sure there is adequate headroom in order to pass underneath comfortably. Ideally, you’ll need it to hang about 7 feet above the floor. You may need to adjust this though if you have a very high ceiling or an unusually low one.


Another interesting idea is to hang a pair of smaller chandeliers over each bedside table or nightstand. This is ideal for saving space on top of the units by doing away with the traditional table lamps. If you enjoy reading in bed, you’ll want to make sure the chandeliers are hung around 30 inches above the bedside table.


If you want your bedroom lighting to accentuate the bed, consider hanging your chandelier over the centre of the bed or positioned more towards the head of the bed. For the ultimate in luxury, you can hang a chandelier lower over a bed than you could in any other place in the room. A good test is to kneel on the bed and if it feels like it’s looming over you too much, then adjust it to a slightly higher position.


A chandelier can offer the same benefits of space-saving as hanging a chandelier over your nightstand, lighting up a desk space or dressing table without the need for standing lamps. With a height of up to 36 inches, the chandelier will be just above eye level when in a seated position. Another interesting idea for installing a chandelier is positioning one over a baby’s changing table. With a dimmable light switch, you can achieve low mood lighting for those night-time nappy changes and feeds.

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