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Why not think about incorporating custom-made chandeliers into your own home décor design? With a choice of colour, shape and supreme quality crystal, you could have your very own unique light art installation.

So, what exactly does light art, also known as ‘luminism’ involve? In a nutshell, it is a form of applied art which uses various light sources as its primary expressive medium. It can be displayed in a sculpture form where a sculpture emits light or consist of light that is moulded into a sculpture form. The installations can be temporary displays for the public to celebrate a specific event, such as a festival or can be permanent parts of a museum or art gallery exhibition. It is often employed as a medium to interact with an architectural space. Artists involved in this form of art, love to be imaginative, creative and highly experimental when it comes to the use of colour, light, shadow and beauty.

It is often an art form that can be seen in normal everyday locations and as part of our daily lives. Light art incorporates common items such as advertising hoardings and the frontage of department stores and even tourist attractions. The use of different colours in the spectrum can evoke a wide range of emotions, moods and feelings in those who behold it and interact with the installation. This kind of light art has a universal appeal, attracting people from all walks of life and both young and old. Amazingly intricate patterns and designs can be created using LED lighting and projection methods to really wow passers-by.

A specific area of light art is that which uses LED bulbs. Light emitting diodes are easily available, inexpensive and as such have become increasingly popular with street artists. Temporary displays have been known to appear overnight in major cities and are the work of so-called guerrilla artists who incorporate LEDs into their work to make a temporary statement. You’ll also see LEDs being used in permanent public installation art, interactive works and in sculpture form.

Amsterdam – Light Art, Custom Chandeliers

In fact, such is the love for light art that cities across the globe have set up their own light festivals to celebrate this art medium. You’ll find one of the world’s best light festivals occurring annually in Amsterdam. Light artists from all over the world come to the city to show off their ideas and wow the crowds. The festival aims to inspire and encourages a level of healthy competition, so artists produce some of the very best light art ever seen which is installed in different parts of the city. If you’re fascinated by light art, then the designs here are awe-inspiring and stunning. In the past designs have included installations such as rainbow animations and wonderfully abstract creations.

The festival has been running for several years and the event saw 900,000 visitors attend to partake in the tours. There are two tours, one on land called Illuminade, that can be taken on foot and one on the water called Water Colours, which is best seen from a tour boat ride. The beautiful walking route is free of charge, but to see the works of art from the tour boat you will need to purchase a ticket.

There are many more light festivals across the globe, inspired by the LED revolution and featuring stunning outdoor urban sculptures. The festivals are also a great way to promote ecological thinking and change and are growing in international prominence yearly. The fascination with LED light shows began with the Vivid Smart Light Festival in Sydney in 2009. Asia has its own version of the light festival having hosted the continent’s only sustainable light event in 2010 – the I Light Marina Bay Festival. Other European light events can be found at the Signal Festival of Prague and the Ghent Light Festival. It’s exciting to see how LED bulb technology has reawakened light art as a recognised art genre.

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