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We always feel very connected to our homes but before now this connection has never been scientifically quantified. Whenever we think about our homes, it should fill us with a sense of happiness and security. After all, it’s much more than just bricks and mortar – it’s our haven from the outside world. It’s the place where life moments happen, families grow, and memories are made. Without meaning to sound too sentimental, is there a real physiologically reaction that really makes every Englishman’s home his castle?

The close relationship we have with our homes has now been scientifically proven as new studies reveal that the way we react to thoughts about our homes are the same as when we think of a beloved family pet or close friend. A study completed by neuroscientists from the Open University and British Gas found that our heart rate increases with a similar reaction to that of a friend or pet when we are made to think of our homes.

The study involved participants having brain activity measured while they thought about different topics for 3.5 minutes. Every 10 seconds a phrase like ‘Happy Home’ or ‘Friends and Pets’ would be played on a loud speaker. The responses were the same for both phrases. Now when we see the phrase ‘home, sweet home’ we know it is a real emotional connection we are experiencing with our bricks and mortar.

Those participants who had smart technology installed in their homes were even more attached than those who did not. This suggests that the smarter our homes become, the more vividly we visualise our homes and the closer the connection we feel with them.

British culture promotes a home as a haven and what could be better than filling this haven with beautiful items that we love? The desire for bespoke home furnishings is increasing year on year as discerning home owners want one-off original pieces that cannot be found in anyone else’s home. Just as we have a very real emotional connection to our homes, it’s important to have an emotional connection to the things we live alongside. Buyers are wanting to know the history of a piece, where it came from and how it was made. The desire is for furniture and accessories that people connect to and where they can see the true mastery of the artist who created it.

Investing in special pieces that you feel connected to is worth the effort as the end result is so much more satisfying than filling your beloved home with off-the-shelf furnishings. You’ll have a greater appreciation of the background of the item and the impressive skill that’s gone into creating it. Lighting is the perfect way to add a touch of the bespoke to a room such as installing a modern crystal chandelier. There are so many different options available, the latest technology and designers who can combine individual style, ambience and beauty to enhance and complete your unique décor.

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