Once the biggest chandelier on Earth

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Once the biggest chandelier on Earth

If you love history, grandeur and beauty, then you should visit one of the world’s grandest mosques in Oman. The Sultan Qaboos Mosque takes over the skyline of Muscat and the inside holds some wonderful sights too. For chandelier lovers everywhere, inside this mosque you’ll find what was once the world’s largest chandelier before others came to measure it and build bigger ones for new mosques.

What was once the Guinness Book of Records biggest chandelier weighs in at an incredible 8 ½ tons. Although the chandelier is of colossal size, for the size of the building it is actually of rather modest proportions. The mosque is large enough to hold 20,000 worshippers and is one of very few mosques open to non-Muslim visitors. The interior of the mosque is incredibly ornate, with the chandelier providing a grand focal point for visitors and worshippers alike to marvel at. It’s enough to inspire you to install your own crystal chandelier at home.

The stunning chandelier hangs 14 metres from the elaborately decorate ceiling and features gold-plated metalwork and decorated with glittering Swarovski crystals. The lighting fixture spans a whopping 8 metres wide, making the equivalent size to a three-bedroom house and twice the height! To gain access to the electrical components on the inside of the chandelier, special staircases and platforms have been constructed in side the structure so that maintenance and cleaning can be carried out.

The chandelier boasts a visually stunning 600,000 crystals and more than 1,100 halogen light bulbs with over 30 switching circuits to operate them. To prevent the huge energy cost associated with having this many bulbs, dimmable technology has been employed to remain environmentally conscious and yet still powerful enough to illuminate the large surroundings.

The design of the chandelier is very unique and centres around a large minaret with 24 smaller minarets encircling the large one. This isn’t the only chandelier hanging inside the mosque either. There are no less than 34 additional light fixtures in the same design as the central one but constructed with smaller proportions and located at various points around the mosque. Such an enormous chandelier does not look out of place inside the Sultan Qaboos Mosque as the ceilings are 90 metres in height. Hanging the giant chandelier as low as it is, is a clever way to ensure illumination of the space and compliment the other beautiful aesthetics of the interior design.

Large Contemporary Chandelier

A visit to this mosque in Oman will not only allow you to marvel at what was once the biggest chandelier on earth but show you other impressive sights too. There is a world-famous Persian prayer mat in the hall that weighs a staggering 21 tons, spreads out over 4,200 square metres and contains 1,700 million knots of thread! The prayer mat took 4 years to construct and took the efforts of 600 weavers. The mosque is also home to an impressive collection of tens of thousands of books in the library.