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The desire to improve our interior spaces can be either from necessity or simply because you want to. Perhaps you are thinking about the long-term value of your home or simply want to enjoy pleasant, attractive surroundings in your residence. Choosing a statement lighting fitting is one way in which to transform the look and feel of a room and it’s exciting to choose that design. Whether you’re looking to breathe fresh life into an existing décor or completely overhauling it, an Italian chandelier can make all the difference.

The great thing about modern chandelier lighting is that it looks amazing and there’s no sacrifice or compromise on the practical function aspects either. You don’t need to worry about extensive upheaval for installation or even install a chandelier that is huge and ostentatious. There are some beautiful smaller, more contemporary options available and if you choose bespoke, you can have a say in exactly what you want for your room.

There are a few things you’ll want to consider before choosing which style, size and colour chandelier you desire:


Before buying an Italian chandelier you should think about what purpose your lighting feature will have. Depending on the style of any luxury chandeliers, you might need to make design changes to incorporate the light, especially if you want a statement piece to be the focal point of a room. Alternatively, in a bedroom, for example, you might need to make no design adjustments, with the chandelier fitting right in and adding to the existing lighting.

You’ll want to get some accurate measurements of the area you want to use. Size does matter when it comes to chandelier lighting. Too large in a smaller room will be far too overpowering but too small in a large space, the chandelier could be lost in too much space. The amount of space available also dictates whether you can hang the chandelier at its proper height. This is crucial as hanging it at an incorrect height could decrease its design benefits and attractiveness and cause disruption to light levels in the room.


It’s important to consider how much you want to spend on your lighting. Chandeliers do come in a multitude of designs, styles, size and material so there is a lot of variety. Keeping a price in mind can help you to establish the best options for size and material. Deciding on a theme beforehand will also help you to narrow down the possibilities. Working with a bespoke designer will enable you to call the shots, have more control of what elements to include and will leave you with a totally unique, original piece of lighting art.

Material choice will depend on what style you’re aiming for. For contemporary designs, think about incorporating chrome. Bronze is a timeless material that can be found in designs that combine traditional and modern elements. Most importantly, they need to complement any existing décor and suit the area they are intended for.


You don’t have to rely on a chandelier for a main source of lighting in a room. Chandeliers also work well when combined with the accent or task lighting at lower levels. In an already well-lit room, you may want a chandelier for a focal point but not to rely on for lighting. When high wattage bulbs are used in chandeliers, they can sometimes emit heat and light that raises the temperature of a room, unless you use LED light bulbs.

It’s important to think about the angles of light as well. Lighting that is too bright or too severe could cast unflattering shadows onto guests or even cause glare into the eyes. This is where style meets comfort and ideally, every home wants to combine the two.

Chandeliers are primarily for decorative purposes and do not have to light a whole room. One mistake people often make is to hang a single chandelier and expect it to light the entire space. Chandeliers often work best when used a supplementary light source, perhaps being incorporated into layered lighting design. As well as chandeliers, think about stylish cove lighting, cabinet lighting, uplighters and wall sconces.


Don’t rush your decision and you’ll be sure to find the right chandelier to take pride of place in your home. Make sure you know how long it will take to make, what the total cost will be, any aftercare instructions you need to follow and how much you can be involved in the design process. If you have the available budget, it can be a good idea to consult with an interior designer who can give you professional advice on what would bring out the best in the area you want to decorate. Get loads of information and ideas, take your time and invest in a lighting feature that you’ll adore for years.

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