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If you own a home with a vaulted ceiling, it might well have been this that you fell in love with and convinced you to buy your current property. A vaulted ceiling can take your breath away, adding elegance and grandeur. However, such openness requires a different approach to decorating and décor choices. Here are some decorating tips for getting the most from your beautiful vaulted ceiling:


The paint colour you choose for such a striking feature will set the tone for the whole room. Choosing the right colour or shade can be effective in drawing attention to specific feature points but also blend in with the rest of the décor. A vaulted ceiling is no different in this respect, so choose your colour wisely. An effective look includes a different shade from the rest of the walls and contrasting trim. The contrast helps to draw the eye upwards and focus on the stunning ceiling.


One of the most striking looks for a vaulted ceiling is to paint it pure, bright white. If you adore the feeling of spaciousness, white reflects light and will make your ceiling look even bigger and higher. White is also a colour used to enhance feelings of calm, cleanliness, serenity and clarity – making it the perfect background to set off fabulous lighting installations as well. Combine with classic black furniture for a striking black and white chic look or choose any other colour of your choice to complement as white goes with anything.


Vaulted ceilings work well with French windows and doors, offering great lines down from the ceiling to the bright expanse of glass below. The amount of natural light that French doors let in perfectly complement the spacious and airy atmosphere already being provided by your high ceiling.


This is a chance for your ceiling to shine – literally! Lighting is the perfect tool to add warmth to a room and really highlight a space, so you’ll want to choose carefully. Vaulted ceilings offer the ideal stage for some real statement lighting that you’ll want to take advantage of.

Hanging a chandelier at the right height can turn a vaulted ceiling into a stunning showpiece and offers the perfect amount of space to install the kind of impressive chandelier that you’ve always dreamed of, such as a long chandelier.


Often a room with a vaulted ceiling with have windows that are taller than usual. This is a design technique done to draw the eye upwards. Leaving those windows undressed would make the room excessively spacious, cold and uneven. By hanging lovely long curtains, they have the effect of drawing the eye up towards the ceiling with their lines while softening the large expanse of glass and making the room feel and look warmer.


You don’t have to leave acres of empty wall space just because you have a vaulted ceiling. Those lovely high walls are just asking to be adorned with photos, paintings, pictures and accessories. You can follow a traditional décor path or decide to play with that space in a more contemporary fashion by hanging pictures that follow the ceiling slant.


A vaulted ceiling with visible beams provides great opportunities to decide how you want those beams to be decorated. Whether you choose to have them in their authentic plain and functional state or prefer to give them a more ornate finish – they provide real elegance and charm to a space and are also excellent for installing interesting lighting features. Keeping them looking natural with a stained finish offers a beautiful background for either a contemporary or traditional chandelier, for example.


Having a vaulted ceiling provides the perfect opportunity to increase the amount of natural light entering the space. You can’t beat natural light and it makes everything look crisper, clearer and more attractive. Large spaces can be tricky to light, even during the day, so as well as stylish lighting fixtures, you’ll want to capitalise on as much natural light as possible. Your room will look even bigger, will benefit from additional warmth from the sun and keep it cooler in hot weather.

Having a home with a vaulted ceiling really is a blessing and you should decorate it to show it off and to receive the recognition it deserves. It provides a wonderful space to let in lots of natural light which can be complemented by installing stylish, glamourous lighting fixtures. This will create a focal point in your décor, wowing guests and drawing the eyes up in awe and appreciation.

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