Large Chandeliers

We are proud to show you our portfolio of large chandeliers, designed to your requirements and constructed with the utmost care using the best materials available in the world today. Please note that to ensure we show our lighting at its best, it can take some time for our portfolio pages to load. Thank you for your patience.

If you have a large room or a vaulted ceiling, it can look a little empty with such a vast expanse of ceiling. The ideal solution is to install a Rocco Borghese large chandelier for the ultimate statement. A fixture like this can provide an attractive focal point, drawing the eye upwards and filling a blank space with something beautiful to behold.

Another perfect position for a chandelier of size is pride of place over a staircase. A spiral staircase or a property with open levels and multiple balconies will benefit greatly from the stunning drop of a bright, sparkling chandelier hanging down from above and through the gap created by the staircase. Not only will such a feature provide ample light for multiple levels, it’s also a clever way of bringing together the different levels of the property with one cohesive design element.

A large chandelier is ideal for corporate spaces with a need for stylish statement lighting to fill an otherwise empty expanse of space. They are also a great option for bringing a lavish, opulent atmosphere to luxury hotel accommodation, spas, department stores or any other structure that wants to wow their visitors.

Lighting design of this magnitude is perfect for illuminating large areas and works well when installed in addition to the lower level task or accent lighting as well. Whether you need a contemporary or traditional look, a bespoke and expertly-made chandelier is a great way to impress, inspire and tastefully decorate what could otherwise be an empty, cold and echoey ceiling space.

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