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In an exclusive interview, architectural lighting expert Rocco Borghese reveals how the “lightbulb moment” for his trailblazing designs came 31 years ago. The inspiration for his enchanting Energia Cosmica chandelier collection was an epiphany in the form of his late father surrounded by swirling light.


Though Murano’s legendary Rocco Borghese Chandeliers glass foundry has created revolutionary bespoke luxury lighting since 1824, creative lighting designer Rocco Borghese has never revealed his muse – until now.

When it comes to Rocco Borghese’s enchanting Energia Cosmica collection, its name and the delicate ethereal structure of the individual hand-sculpted pieces nod towards the celestial. But the inspiration for these luxury chandelier creations was an epiphany in the form of Rocco’s late father 31 years ago.

With almost 200 years of the Rocco Borghese Chandeliers legacy at a turning point, Rocco’s father reminded him of his true vocation. Rocco was revitalised as the master of innovative awe-inspiring architectural lighting that is plucked from the realms of his wildest imaginings, where fantasy becomes reality. From this light and love, the Energia Cosmica collection was born. Here, Rocco Borghese reveals all about his inspirational visitation and how it shaped the cutting-edge creations of the specialist lighting designer we now know.

Rocco Borghese’s cosmic awakening

“The Energia Cosmica collection came about after the passing of my father in 1990. At first glance, some people will see a lot of scribble – random metal and glass – but it’s so much more than that…

“As he took his last breath, my father, Gino, said he would contact me shortly. That very night, I had a vivid dream. Walking in a meadow, I could see the sun setting on the horizon. Then a shape appeared far away, it got closer with each step I took until I could make out that it was my dad. He was wearing his favourite Sunday relax mode jumper and smiling, completely at peace.

“This huge rhythmic energy was growing behind him. It started quite flat in the distance, then an upsurge of swirling shapes encircled him. The hairs on my neck stood on end, I could see it all in 3D – starting in monochrome and progressing to warm shades, until it surrounded him completely. His smiling form faded and merged with this beautiful energy. He then vanished into silver swirls and floated skyward with a sharp flash of light.

“Though no words were spoken I could understand everything he told me telepathically. It was all about affirming his love and the bigger questions – and, yes, there’s something beautiful and amazing on the other side!

“Unsurprisingly moved, I woke in tears. But the vision left me calm and reflective. I realised there was a vividness of truth to this message of peace and love, I had experienced contact with the essence of my dad’s soul.

“My design of Energia Cosmica evolved from this dream, a surrealistic event that conveyed an understanding that, ‘just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist’. I began to sketch and doodle a design and then decided to recreate its feeling in glass”.

Explore the evolution of Energia Cosmica

Energia Cosmica Cristallo

Energetic eddies of hand-blown and hand-sculpted glass, each Energia Cosmica chandelier possess the unique allure Rocco Borghese Chandeliers is renowned for throughout the interior design world.

Energia Cosmica Clara and its entrancing sister Energia Cosmica Clara II offer chic clear glass paired with chrome plated fittings for contemporary wow. While Energia Cosmica Cristallo features curved crystal laced armature for more of a classic chandelier shimmer suited to a timeless setting.

Vibrant Energia Cosmica Molte colore combines colour, illumination and stunning swirls for the ultimate in lively architectural lighting. Just as Energia Cosmica Bronze & Clear, Energia Cosmica D’oro Gallery, Energia Cosmica XI Gallery, Energia Cosmica XI or Energia Cosmica Aquamarina will bring a two-toned touch of glamour to your special space. Check out the Evolution of Energia.

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