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Sea Flowers Collection of Custom Hand-Blown Chandeliers

The latest custom-made large chandelier from luxury lighting designer Rocco Borghese is a breath of fresh air. Sea Flowers not only offers a shimmer akin to summer sunlight bouncing off the water but also highlights of blue, the depth of which can only be compared to a swathe of sea holly.

Here, the age-old technique of hand-blown glass has been elevated to art form status and this is the latest in a long line of inspiring works created by the high-end designer. Now, more than ever, lighting up our lives is so important and Rocco Borghese Chandeliers is providing a little light relief!

Hand-blown glass pieces, such as the large luxury chandeliers that can be found in the wider Rocco Borghese collection, are revelling in a renaissance. What makes them shine so brightly in the 2021 interior design spotlight is the star combination of traditional craftsmanship and innovative ideas for a contemporary market.

Artistic Chandeliers

Designed to work with the customer’s exact interior design requirements, Sea Flowers is a large crystal chandelier crafted in hand-sculpted and textured clear Borghese design glass (80%). But the delicate transparent blue glass detail throughout (20%) really makes it sing. This is all finished with chrome plating for ultimate sophistication.

Whether in a grand townhouse or a modest country pad, finding the right room and position of large chandeliers is key – as is finding a design that’s spot-on! Double-height rooms are usually best to take a statement light fitting such as extra-large chandeliers for high ceilings. Spanning 90cm x 640cm and creating a wow factor, this design would be the ideal large chandelier for a staircase or as a centrepiece for a living room. With the inner lighting designed to shine 360 degrees, this large contemporary chandelier is a true work of art that deserves to be seen from all angles.

When it comes to luminosity, the lighting is dimmable (GU10 LED) with each brightness adding its own dramatic effect. As well as adding a touch of glamour to a contemporary château or high-end hotel, a custom-made large chandelier such as Sea Flowers is sure to light up those areas that traditionally lacklustre while extending their sense of scale.

Constructed with the finest quality blend of Venetian soda glass and crystal mix, the lustre of Rocco Borghese’s large crystal chandeliers is superior. Not only that but the glass will not tarnish or yellow with age, unlike standard offerings. Check out Sea Flowers in all its glory here

Talking about the continuation of the Borghese Glass Foundry legacy, which has been creating large luxury chandeliers for churches since 1824, Rocco Borghese comments: “To preserve the uniqueness and artistic value of the chandeliers and luxury lighting, I do not use ready-made or off-the-shelf components, all parts are designed specifically for you”.

On this new addition to the growing collection, Borghese adds: “With Sea Glass, as with everything I design, I place great importance on visual appeal. I take exceptional care to ensure the correct flow of light, without hot spots, by employing up to five times more lamps than many of my competitors.

This piece is a real success as it comes at a time when people could really do with some extra light, and a bit of luxury, in their lives. With more people spending time at home, they want their private palaces to radiate with luxe”.

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